Catch and Release

Catch and Release Author Mark Kingwell
ISBN-10 1101006943
Year 2005-04-26
Pages 256
Language en
Publisher Penguin

This vibrant blend of memoir, travelogue, and reflection on the deep truths of angling is framed around an annual fishing trip that Mark Kingwell and his father and two brothers take each year to British Columbia. Between the drinking, the cigars, and the piloting of a small dingy, Kingwell, previously of the belief that “fishing is stupid,” finds that the sport does allow for one important thing—quite a bit of time just to think, to allow thoughts to wander and new vistas to open up. This realization leads Kingwell, who makes his living as a professor of philosophy, to ponder everything from masculinity and procrastination to golf and the value of work—not to mention the relative benefits of wet versus dry flies, the cast, and how best to fool a fish. As the book engagingly shows, fishing is worth thinking about because of the thinking that fishing allows. Especially when the trout aren’t biting.

Catch and Release

Catch and Release Author Lawrence Block
ISBN-10 1492811785
Year 2013
Pages 283
Language en
Publisher CreateSpace

Block's short stories are intelligent and respectful of the reader yet often take an unexpected turn. He plays fair. If you reread the story, you'll find that he left you little clues about the final destination but didn't connect the dots. Block is a master of the long-form mystery, and this collection proves he's got the short form locked down as well.

Catch Release

Catch   Release Author Blythe Woolston
ISBN-10 9781467731942
Year 2013-08-01
Pages 216
Language en
Publisher Carolrhoda Lab ™

I should have died quick. But I didn't. I'm a miracle of modern medicine, only the medicine doesn't get much credit, I notice. People say I'm lucky, or I'm blessed, and then they turn away. I'm not the only miracle. There's Odd too. Polly Furnas had The Plan for the future. Get married to Bridger Morgan, for one. College, career, babies. Etc. All the important choices were made. It was all happily-ever-after as a diamond-ring commercial. But The Plan did not include a lethal drug-resistant infection. It did not include some more reconstruction and scar revision in the future." And it certainly did not include Odd Estes, a trip to Portland in an ancient Cadillac to "tear Bridger a new one," fly fishing, marshmallows, Crisco, or a loaded gun. But plans change. Stories get revised and new choices must be made. Polly and Odd have choices. Surviving or not. Catch or release.

Catch and Release

Catch and Release Author Laura Drewry
ISBN-10 9780399593758
Year 2017-02-28
Pages 273
Language en
Publisher Loveswept

The irresistible O’Donnell brothers return in a charming novel from the bestselling author of Off the Hook (“The perfect balance of sweet, sexy, and wonderfully romantic.”—Lauren Layne). Hope Seaver is an up-and-coming TV producer tackling the hardest gig of her career: a reality show set at the Buoys, a scenic fishing destination owned by three handsome, stubborn brothers. Liam and Finn O’Donnell are willing to tolerate her crew for the sake of the business, but Ronan would rather chew off a limb than open up on camera. Somehow Hope has to convince him of her good intentions—and stop herself from swooning every time Ronan walks into the frame. Ronan knows that he’s the reason his brothers gave up their old lives to run the Buoys, and he needs to make it worth their while. So if this out-of-towner with the kind eyes and dazzling smile wants to give them the free publicity they desperately need, Ronan can’t say no. He just won’t let himself get burned again by a double-dealing woman. But what if Hope’s good-girl routine isn’t an act? When Ronan lets his guard down long enough to catch a glimpse of the real Hope, he likes what he sees—enough to give love another shot. Look for all of Laura Drewry’s heartwarming Fishing for Trouble romances: OFF THE HOOK | LURED IN | CATCH AND RELEASE “A must-read for fans of second-chance love stories, Off the Hook is the perfect balance of sweet, sexy, and wonderfully romantic.”—USA Today bestselling author Lauren Layne “Drewry struck the right balance between the heavier, more serious or emotional parts with humor and heat.”—Harlequin Junkie, on Off the Hook Includes an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

Catch and Release

Catch and Release Author Lisa Jean Moore
ISBN-10 1479876305
Year 2018-01-02
Pages 224
Language en
Publisher NYU Press

The unexpected and fascinating interspecies relationship between humans and horseshoe crabs. Horseshoe crabs are considered both a prehistoric and indicator species. They have not changed in tens of millions of years and provide useful data to scientists who monitor the health of the environment. From the pharmaceutical industry to paleontologists to the fishing industry, the horseshoe crab has made vast, but largely unknown, contributions to human life and our shared ecosystem. Catch and Release examines how these intersections steer the trajectory of both species’ lives, and futures. Based on interviews with conservationists, field biologists, ecologists, and paleontologists over three years of fieldwork on urban beaches, noted ethnographer Lisa Jean Moore shows how humans literally harvest the life out of the horseshoe crabs. We use them as markers for understanding geologic time, collect them for agricultural fertilizer, and eat them as delicacies, capture them as bait, then rescue them for conservation, and categorize them as endangered. The book details the biomedical bleeding of crabs; how they are caught, drained of 40% of their blood, and then released back into their habitat. The model of catch and release is essential. Horseshoe crabs cannot be bred in captivity and can only survive in their own ecosystems. Moore shows how horseshoe crabs are used as an exploitable resource, and are now considered a “vulnerable” species. An investigation of how humans approach animals that are essential for their survival, Catch and Release questions whether humans should have divine, moral, or ethical claims to any living being in their path.

Catch and Release

Catch and Release Author BA Tortuga
ISBN-10 9781634778862
Year 2016-12-19
Pages 230
Language en
Publisher Dreamspinner Press

Ex-con Dakota is struggling with his attraction to Jayden, the attorney working to clear his name. Jayden must determine how Dakota fits into his life before they can move from friends to lovers.

Guide to Maryland Trout Fishing

Guide to Maryland Trout Fishing Author Charlie Gelso
ISBN-10 1934753297
Year 2014-10-01
Pages 188
Language en
Publisher Headwater

Completely revised and updated, including two new streams and updated maps 16 trout streams, with detailed information on hatches, tactics, and access List of major Maryland fly shops and other important resources As with the two prior editions, our aim in the book is to provide a clear picture of each stream and to aid the angler in his or her fishing efforts on that water. For the 16 streams and rivers presented in the book, we offer a description; discuss the characteristics of the trout that inhabit it and how to fish for those trout; note the tackle and equipment that are appropriate; describe insect hatches and other stream life; point to some of the problems facing the stream; and tell you how to get there. A big part of getting you there is a good map, and we have sought to create the very best maps possible. In presenting this information, one of our main goals has been to offer useful and interesting information, without getting the reader lost in too many details. Each existing chapter has been revised and updated, including both the narrative and the maps. And you will notice two new chapters, one on the catch-and-release section of the Patuxent River tailwater below Brighton Dam and the other on the parts of Catoctin Creek that are now under delayed harvest regulations. Although the book is oriented toward fly fishing, we aimed to make it useful to spin fishers as well. Most of the streams we describe permit both spin fishing and fly fishing. Stream descriptions, discussions of stocking policies and trout in each river, as well as the maps and driving directions will be every bit as pertinent to spin fishers as fly anglers.

Catch and Release

Catch and Release Author Kyoko Heshiimu
ISBN-10 1479153117
Year 2017-02-12
Pages 94
Language en
Publisher Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Through moments of provocative eroticism, the author's poems capture intimate sexual explorations filled with love, lust, and desire. She evokes deep emotions from passionate moments between lovers, and the despair felt when those relationships come to an end.

Catch and Release

Catch and Release Author Tim Smith
ISBN-10 9781487408176
Year 2016-09-16
Pages 132
Language en
Publisher eXtasy Books

Former CIA spies Nick Seven and Felicia Hagens decided to take a break from the Florida Keys to enjoy the white sands and cool waters of Virginia Beach. Their relaxation comes to an abrupt halt when Felicia recognizes the notorious Russian criminal named Festov. But Felicia killed Festov six years earlier in Amsterdam--or so she thought. This unexpected appearance reveals a terrifying conspiracy with global implications. Is it really Festov or someone made up to look like him? Can Felicia and Nick stop Festov and his partners before they hatch their deadly plan?

Catch And Release

Catch And Release Author Virginia Alene
ISBN-10 9781453559512
Year 2010-09-09
Language en
Publisher Xlibris Corporation

It's not a matter of being attracted to "Bad Boys" for me. I have a problem with findingthe "Good" in everyone I meet and blindly overlooking those red flags that say "Run, he'sno good for you!"If you are a woman who is bored with your life and seek adventure, it's not all it's crackedup to be. Being married to a Redneck Cop was truly an eye opening experience.When you're married to the Clampetts, you begin to take on a whole new personality. Thesweet little woman in me, became a Redneck Woman and I exchanged my apron for apair of Wranglers and a 357 revolver